Sunday, June 27, 2010

Every time I hear from my July Mystery StarGazer(s) I have visions of tall glasses of Mint Julep and wisps of Spanish moss blowing in the breeze. True southern gals, my Mystery Pup is actually 2 delightful sisters; pure bred and adventurous.
They entertain us regularly w/their escapades about hunting down rabbits, tree bunnies or just about anything else which dares to cross their path. All the while keeping their hound noses to the ground.
Snoopy, Pepsi and Tommy T may all be ‘country cousins,’ to these ladies and the expression, ’y’all,’ just rolls right off of their southern lips. They are active in the Secret Paws and Postcard Exchange Groups.
Our July Featured Pup(s) are none other than Belle and Amber so a Paws Up!! ladies and congratulations to our drawing winner, the lovely young Mollie. Your collar charms will be on their way before the week's end and I want to thank everyone who joined the fun and played our game. If you’d like to join the club and be eligible to be our Mystery StarGazer send me ( your b’date or gotcha date and a Happy Barkday to all of my July born 'FURENDS.' Wags!!
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As a Barkday Club member you'll receive a personalized Barkday greeting card on your Special (birth date or gotcha date) Barkday. I don’t care if your Barkday is a birth day or gotcha day it’s a day to celebrate w/a good loud bark and I'm going to do just that with a personalized, astrologically inspired greeting card sent directly to your e-dress. In addition, you may be the StarGazer Featured Pup of the Month and receive a charm in recognition of your achievement. I don’t want to leave any pup out but you'll have to be a member of my StarGazer Barkday Club to qualify as a Featured Pup so to join the StarGazer Barkday Club just send an e-mail to me @ Please make sure that your message includes your name, birth date or gotcha date and an e-dress. Paws Up!!

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