Friday, October 1, 2010

When you hear the word, ‘creative,’ the name of our October Mystery StarGazer immediately comes to mind. A Florida resident this popular ’furend,’ shared a picture of his Charlie Brown Christmas Tree w/us 2 yrs ago complaining that Dad had waited, ’much too late in the season,’ to decorate and enjoy a presentable tree. A grueling two week tour of cyberspace, campaigning for the position of White House Dog, ended in failure but not for lack of trying and his antics put him in the center of our little cyber stage.
Our creative little beagle has also offered up Pirate ID cards, hosted a sheep roundup, introduced us to Southern Comfort Caramel Popcorn and, his most notorious claim to fame, offered to serve No Toot Chili at a virtual baseball game.
Our Featured StarGazer is none other than Mr. Tommy Tunes who has proven his artistic ability one key stroke at a time w/his computerized artwork, videos and Mosaic portraits. You may contact Tommy,, for additional information concerning his available products.
Our drawing winner is the business-oriented Hobo Hudson, who’s Mom uses her journalistic abilities to promote animal care, treatment and concerns in her informative articles which can be found @ Congratulations to both of you; your collar charms will be in the mail in a few day. Paws Up!!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Our September Mystery StarGazer is, in my opinion, the Rodney Dangerfield of cyberspace. For those of you who have never seen this late and great stand up comedian you may not know that he was well know for his frequent complaint that he ‘got no respect.’ And so, living in the shadow of his much more colorful and flamboyant younger sibling, that is often the case w/our Featured Pup.
On our trip down memory lane we remember well the holiday season when our pup teamed up w/Felix to post a Santa’s Bad List in a public journal posting which indicated that their sibling’s topped that infamous list. The mortified siblings were beside themselves w/horror and humiliation; Felix and his co-partner in crime were on the hot seat to make amends. All ended, fortunately, on a happy note.
A helpmate to his sibling our German shepherd ’furend,’ has spent hours teaching her the ropes, dodging falling objects (remember the umbrella) and being her chief cheerleader as she continues her education and enters competition.
As his Mom’s ’right hand paw,’ he’s been the voice of authority, organization and compassion as they maintain the very popular, ’Secret Paws,’ group.
Our Featured Pup is the lovable Big Brother Buck, who lovingly watches over lttle sister Hannah. And congratulations to our drawing winner Jessie Belle, who's family played host to a visit by that huge windbag Earl this last weekend. Paws Up!! to you both and collar charms will be in the mail today. Happy Barkday to all of my Virgo born 'furends.'

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Our August Mystery Featured Pup(s) are two of the most outspoken and ‘colorful,’ canines anyone would ever want to meet. Both are designer dogs; two years ago one of them had a falling out w/Mom and offered to sell her for the huge sum of $1.00 Or Best Offer!! Fortunately common sense prevailed and the offer was retracted the very next day.
Their endeavors include being taste testers in Mom’s busy kitchen and introducing mouth watering morsels to their ‘furends.’ Many of us have sampled these numerous treat by taking recipe in paw and leading our Mom’s to our own cozy kitchens.
Most recently they’ve taken their time to supply us all, at no charge, w/some original, colorful and humorous decorations for our cyber sites. One, who recently had dental surgery, loves lounging on the hammock and the other is known as, ‘The Night Stalker.’
Our Mystery Featured Pup(s) are, of course, none other than our lovely neighbors to the north, Kolchak and Felix Please take the time to visit/join their group @ and some of their mouth watering recipes may be found @
Congratulations lads and also to our drawing winner, our very own Ninja Dog, Boudica Paws Up!! to you all. And a huge Thank You to all who joined in on the fun and submitted their entries. To become a StarGazer and join our Barkday Club send your e-dress to me (I never sell nor share that info) at your convenience.
Happy Barkday to all of my Leo born ‘furends.’

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Every time I hear from my July Mystery StarGazer(s) I have visions of tall glasses of Mint Julep and wisps of Spanish moss blowing in the breeze. True southern gals, my Mystery Pup is actually 2 delightful sisters; pure bred and adventurous.
They entertain us regularly w/their escapades about hunting down rabbits, tree bunnies or just about anything else which dares to cross their path. All the while keeping their hound noses to the ground.
Snoopy, Pepsi and Tommy T may all be ‘country cousins,’ to these ladies and the expression, ’y’all,’ just rolls right off of their southern lips. They are active in the Secret Paws and Postcard Exchange Groups.
Our July Featured Pup(s) are none other than Belle and Amber so a Paws Up!! ladies and congratulations to our drawing winner, the lovely young Mollie. Your collar charms will be on their way before the week's end and I want to thank everyone who joined the fun and played our game. If you’d like to join the club and be eligible to be our Mystery StarGazer send me ( your b’date or gotcha date and a Happy Barkday to all of my July born 'FURENDS.' Wags!!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Our June Mystery StarGazer is a pup, who by his own admission is, ‘not spoiled, just well loved.’ He gave many of us a good chuckle last fall when he described a daring late nite venture w/a red eyed vampire (who turned out to be only a curious opossum) and we saw a softer, gentler side of this purebred when he stepped up to the podium and acted as guest preacher at the Doggyville Church when Pastor Fonzie faced health issues. A resident of PA this gentle ‘furend,’ has been a cyber pup for almost 2 years and most recently his journal entries have entertained us w/beautiful art work done by his very talented Mom. Our Mystery pup is, of course, Leo and I invite you all to visit his Mom's website so congratulations Leo and also to our drawing winner - that stunning west coast beach babe Cali. Charms will be in the mail to you both soon!! Happy Barkday to all of my June born ‘furends!!’ Wags to all.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Our May Mystery StarGazer Featured Pup shares his home w/two younger brothers, although one could be consider a ‘big brother,’ as he’s slightly larger. Rescued from a local shelter at the tender age of 10 weeks this mixed breed StarGazer has DNA proof of his proud heritage; German shepherd, border collie, beagle and lab. Obviously the mixture serves him well; he exceeds in agility completion - often leaving contenders well behind.
November 2008 is a memorable month that won’t soon be forgotten by our Featured Pup’s family nor many of his best ‘furends.’ A close encounter at that time brought our doggy community together offering crossed paws and sending tons of puppy power to his family at a very stressful time. Blood work, procedues and ultimately complex surgery repaired a diaphramatic hernia bringing our buddy back to good health and giving him the ability to enjoy a dynamic life style.
An active member of Dogs from da Burgh this StarGazer was a host member of the group’s picnic reunion last year. Congratulations Einstein for being our StarGazer Featured Pup and to Mouse of the Min Pin Gang for winning our drawing. Your collar charms will be in the mail soon. Happy Barkday to all of my May born 'furends'!!
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