Friday, October 1, 2010

When you hear the word, ‘creative,’ the name of our October Mystery StarGazer immediately comes to mind. A Florida resident this popular ’furend,’ shared a picture of his Charlie Brown Christmas Tree w/us 2 yrs ago complaining that Dad had waited, ’much too late in the season,’ to decorate and enjoy a presentable tree. A grueling two week tour of cyberspace, campaigning for the position of White House Dog, ended in failure but not for lack of trying and his antics put him in the center of our little cyber stage.
Our creative little beagle has also offered up Pirate ID cards, hosted a sheep roundup, introduced us to Southern Comfort Caramel Popcorn and, his most notorious claim to fame, offered to serve No Toot Chili at a virtual baseball game.
Our Featured StarGazer is none other than Mr. Tommy Tunes who has proven his artistic ability one key stroke at a time w/his computerized artwork, videos and Mosaic portraits. You may contact Tommy,, for additional information concerning his available products.
Our drawing winner is the business-oriented Hobo Hudson, who’s Mom uses her journalistic abilities to promote animal care, treatment and concerns in her informative articles which can be found @ Congratulations to both of you; your collar charms will be in the mail in a few day. Paws Up!!
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