Thursday, April 29, 2010

Our May Mystery StarGazer Featured Pup shares his home w/two younger brothers, although one could be consider a ‘big brother,’ as he’s slightly larger. Rescued from a local shelter at the tender age of 10 weeks this mixed breed StarGazer has DNA proof of his proud heritage; German shepherd, border collie, beagle and lab. Obviously the mixture serves him well; he exceeds in agility completion - often leaving contenders well behind.
November 2008 is a memorable month that won’t soon be forgotten by our Featured Pup’s family nor many of his best ‘furends.’ A close encounter at that time brought our doggy community together offering crossed paws and sending tons of puppy power to his family at a very stressful time. Blood work, procedues and ultimately complex surgery repaired a diaphramatic hernia bringing our buddy back to good health and giving him the ability to enjoy a dynamic life style.
An active member of Dogs from da Burgh this StarGazer was a host member of the group’s picnic reunion last year. Congratulations Einstein for being our StarGazer Featured Pup and to Mouse of the Min Pin Gang for winning our drawing. Your collar charms will be in the mail soon. Happy Barkday to all of my May born 'furends'!!
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